What We Do

We offer two types of coaching/consulting. If you are unsure your needs, check out the links or contact us for a free discovery session

Individual Coaching

Business Coaching/Consulting

What kinds of things can I get coaching for?

-Purpose and Direction


-Being stuck (unable to reach goals, dreams)

-Fulfillment (not happy and don’t know why)

-Relationships (Friends, family, coworkers)

-Achievement (you have an outcome or dream you want help attaining)

As you can see, these are very broad topics. That being the case, coaching is actually quite versatile! This means we can work on virtually anything or any area that you would like to see improvement in! If you aren’t happy and don’t know why we can work to figure it out. If you have had a goal you’ve been trying to reach for weeks, months, even years, we can work together to accomplish it. If you want help sharpening up a certain skill for work or life, such as empathy, or listening, we can do that too!


NEW- We are starting to open up a few slots for Start-Up Business Coaching. This will entail help with your social media, website, a brand story as well as Business Coaching. Contact us if this is something you’re interested in!