Mastering The Art Of Self-Discipline

When is the last time you followed through with something really hard?  Maybe you were trying to lose 20 pounds, drink more water, eat healthier, or reach a sales goal, or not be on your phone to mindlessly scroll.  What was it that either got you to reach that goal or give up half-way through? … Continue reading Mastering The Art Of Self-Discipline

Unwritten Rules

  In the National Hockey League there is something often mentioned but rarely fully understood phenomenon known as “the code”.  A set of rules that have never been written down or documented that everyone involved in the game is expected to know and understand.  For example, if a player on the opposing team hits one … Continue reading Unwritten Rules

The Power of Vulnerability

   Have you ever felt that someone wasn’t quite telling you the whole truth?  Maybe it was a spouse, a friend, or your employer. Did this affect how you saw that person?  All of us are guilty of bending the truth a little here and there. But what does it mean, and what impact does … Continue reading The Power of Vulnerability