Brad is an enthusiastic and driven coach, consultant, speaker and change agent.  He desires to see his clients functioning at their highest level in their personal lives and careers.  He draws on his education (BA Counselling, Trained Coach at CTI) as well as experience in a variety of sectors to help his clients grow in ways they never thought possible.  

Brad has a strong desire for his clients to have meaningful breakthroughs in their lives in order to be at peace with who they are and to bring them to a place where they feel they are able to be themselves and perform at their peak.  Through Brad’s coaching, he has helped clients become more self aware, which has enabled them to sprint forward in previously unimaginable ways.  

One of Brad’s passions is in seeing men in their middle years be confident in who they are.  He takes great joy and pride in helping his clients nail down their values and core purpose.  

Similarly, in helping small businesses, Brad works to ensure that everyone is on the same page.  He works to help define what they company is all about in a way that is contagious and easy to remember.  By simplifying processes and creating clear communication lines he helps companies clearly communicate to their employees and customers why they exist.  In working with small businesses, Brad helps to simplify and nail down the best strategies for maximum growth and success.  

Brad’s greatest strengths are his contagious optimism, big idea thinking and empathy.  With these he is able to be relatable as well as inspiring.  Brad is a good listener who knows that everyone has their own unique story and shows up with a life full of experiences, good and bad.  His ability to make clients feel comfortable in their own skin yet inspired to be the best they can be is what sets him apart.  His one on one and business clients alike both appreciate the fact that with Brad, they are able to find more peace and clarity in their lives and businesses.  


Brad lives in Fort Langley, BC with his amazing wife Carla, and two children, Peter and Ruth.  They love going on family adventures and discovering new places.