Taking Stock Of Life

I’m sure you have heard the phrase many credit Albert Einstein with saying, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results”.  I know at times this has been true in my own life, and I bet many of you can relate. Whether it’s trying to be … Continue reading Taking Stock Of Life

Meaningless Thank-You’s

As a business owner or leader of a team, you are always looking for ways to motivate your employees.  Whether you have a great relationship with those under your wing or not, you will no doubt make an effort to help them be at their best while on the job.  One simple way to motivate … Continue reading Meaningless Thank-You’s

Live Like You Were Dying

Live like you were dying. I can still hear the silky voice of Tim McGraw belting out this 2004 hit. I instantly gravitated towards this song as it seemed to send a message that I had resonated with my whole life. From a young age, I remember being fascinated with the amazing and grand gift … Continue reading Live Like You Were Dying

Mastering The Art Of Self-Discipline

When is the last time you followed through with something really hard?  Maybe you were trying to lose 20 pounds, drink more water, eat healthier, or reach a sales goal, or not be on your phone to mindlessly scroll.  What was it that either got you to reach that goal or give up half-way through? … Continue reading Mastering The Art Of Self-Discipline

Unwritten Rules

  In the National Hockey League there is something often mentioned but rarely fully understood phenomenon known as “the code”.  A set of rules that have never been written down or documented that everyone involved in the game is expected to know and understand.  For example, if a player on the opposing team hits one … Continue reading Unwritten Rules