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Directionless.  Apathetic. Disinterested.  Bored. Lazy. Disrespectful.  What or who do these words make you think of?  As a business owner, in terms of your employees.  As a parent, in terms of your children. Possibly the most important aspect of any business owners company are his/her employees.  With the right ones you can be crushing it, with the wrong ones, well you get the idea. All too often business owners hire someone they think is right for the job, show them around for an hour and let them loose.  Half a year later they catch themselves complaining about this employee to their spouse or colleagues constantly. Who is to blame? While there most likely is some blame to be had on the employees behalf, an equal amount, if not more should be shared by the employer.  


Setting your employees up for success is a big reason why you as a business owner will succeed, and if not done well, a big reason employees won’t last long.  Alison Davis in her article “The Best Way to Set New Employees up for Success” on points out that “…46% or newly hired employees will fail within 18 months”.  If you are in an industry where there is a high demand for skilled workers this should come as no surprise.  The employee has the advantage when they know that they can bolt for an equal job if they don’t like what they see.  


Maybe you have experienced this yourself as a business owner, or maybe even as a parent with a child who just does not seem to be on the same page.  Where is this coming from? Well it could be because of any number of reasons. Here are some I could think of…


-Unclear expectations

-No communication / miscommunication

-Bad management


-Bad fit

-No purpose


While there may be several factors as to why your new employee just does not seem to be doing well, here are a few tips to get you on the right track.  


  1. Regular “Deep Dives”:  These are conversations between employee and manager, parent and child that go below surface level ( how is your day going).  They dig deep into their experience of the job to see what is really going on. What do they really think of their work environment.  Is there any way you can assist them in a different way. When they feel like they are being listened to and really cared for they will want to give you 100% effort.  
  2. Clearly Communicate Company Vision/Strategy:  Eileen Levit points out that, “Employees cannot be expected to succeed if they don’t fully understand where they fit into the big picture”.  This hits on a number of areas but mainly, it is important that your employee understands what it is you are asking them to do and how it helps you as a company win.  
  3. Equip your Managers:  Help your managers to recognize the importance of making your new employees feel important.  Your managers probably already have a lot on their plates so continually checking in with the new employee might be the last thing they think about.  It’s your job as business owner or overseer to remind them of the importance of doing so. After all, if they do a good job of it, they may not have to do it again!


If you are a business owner or manager looking for help in this area feel free to contact us.  Here at OnBoard we are equipped to help you get the best out of your new recruits! If you are tired of the continuous hiring cycle, reach out and we can help you hire and retain the employees you have been dreaming of!

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