Just Do It!

When is the last time you remember doing something you knew was good for you but you really didn’t want to do.  In this age of instant gratification it has become harder and harder to do the things we know are good for us but just take good ole fashioned hard work.  Things like, keeping the house tidy, eating healthy, going to the gym, or even working on your personal relationships. As B.J Gallagher in the Huffington Post points out, “Chocolate now is more appealing than weight loss later”.  

While cell phones and computers have made some things more convenient they have also complicated others.  With a vast array of information coming at us daily on a variety of platforms, we have become slaves to the very devices that were supposed to lighten our load.  They have also caused us to crave instant gratification. In an article by Susan Weinschenk Ph.D for Psychology Today she discusses the relationship between the digital age and dopamine.  She points out that dopamine actually causes us to seek out new information and that when we find what we are looking for we receive a mini “rush” or “high”. You can see how this relates to hours spent looking up sports stats or checking email, etc.  


The fact that we can satisfy our desires so easily combined with all the distractions life brings shows why it’s no wonder most of us spend more time watching Netflix on the couch than heading out to the gym.  If any of this resonates with you, know that you are not alone. Life is hard and there are countless things and people trying to get your attention. That being said, I believe that true satisfaction and fulfillment comes when we are doing what deep down we know we want to be doing.  This happens when we stop giving ourselves excuses and new start dates and take action!


Here are a few tips to get you started.  


  1. Start small:  this goes against everything we have talked about with instant gratification but its important.  James Clear, a behavioural psychologist says, “Daily habits — tiny routines that are repeatable — are what make big dreams a reality”.  
  2. Good Friends:  You are who you surround yourself with.  If you find all of your conversations are about what show you are watching or what is wrong with the world, it might be a sign that you need to find new friends.  Tony Robbins says, “If you can surround yourself with people who will never let you settle for less than you can be, you have the greatest gift that anyone can hope for.”
  3. Just do it:  Stop saying you will start tomorrow or the 1st of the month or the next full moon.  Start today! You’ll be glad you did.


If you are looking for help reaching your goals, feel free to reach out!  At OnBoard Coaching we love seeing people transform their lives for the better and are experts in helping you get there!  


— Brad Thiessen

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